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As I’m involved in several start-ups I thought I’d share this interesting blog.

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Medal of Honor for Savatore A. Giunta

Today I would like to pause and salute the great men and women who service in our Nation’s Armed Forces. They are the true heroes of our day. They are the front-line of freedom. They volunteer to do what others either will not do, fear to do or whose personal ambition takes them on different paths.  They are the men and women who sacrifice much if not all to provide us a land of freedom,  Ca land rich with opportunities and land that stands as a beacon in the world today of freedom.

I have been blessed to have two parents who have served in the Navy; Chief Petty Officer Gerald A. Sedrick and 2nd Class Hospital Corman JoAnn Sedrick. My brother, Captain Michael J. Sedrick, who I call SuperMan, is currently serving in the Marines and stationed in Afghanistan. I am grateful for their service and example.

Today I reflect upon all of the men and women who have served but want to give special tribute to Staff Sergeant Salvatore A. Giunta. Staff Sergeant Giunta was awarded the Medal of Honor on November 16, 2010. He is only one of 88 soldiers who have received this honor. And the first in 40 years that has been able to receive it in person. Others were awarded the honor posthumously. I invite you to watch the award ceremony. It is deeply touching and gives pause for reflection on the brave men and women who defend our nation.

With all my heart I thank you Staff Sergeant Salvatore A. Giunta and all of the men and women who serve or who have served this great nation! You are an inspiration! I thank you for your courage, your devotion and this free land in which I proudly call home.

Sergeant Salvatore A. Giunta