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This morning I attended the Grotto Group – a local networking group. To mix things up  from the standard networking meetings Kelly Ryan asked everyone to share there favorite animal or character and describe how it relates to you. The responses were quite entertaining and made for a fun enlightening networking group. Of course you had your standard cat and dog people. But then you had the standouts that caused you to pause and think. Some of the standouts were:

  • Stretch Armstrong – remember the toy you could stretch to incredible lengths
  • Broncos – based on the idea of consistently winning
  • Power Puff Girls – based on the idea of small yet filled with super powers
  • Rockstar – because I am the “Rockstar banker offering rockstar customer service”

When it came my turn I loudly responded with my best imitation of Barney from How I Met Your Mother

“A liger of course, it’s LEGENDARY! Just like ME and my Company where we create…, wait for it….. L_E_G_E_N_D_A_R_Y transformative software for the iPhone, Android and other mobile devices”.

I noticed that the professionals with GREAT attitudes and positive character references are the successful ones in the group. They are the ones driving business in their companies. They are connected and always have a referral. They are the natural leaders.

Who are you? With what character would you align yourself?

Are you “LEGENDARY”?

Do you think “LEGENDARY”?

Do you dress “LEGENDARY”?

Is your attitude  “LEGENDARY”?

Do you act “LEGENDARY”?

Do you live “LEGENDARY”?

When people think of you, do they think “LEGENDARY”?

Or are you trapped in the world of mediocre?

Maybe it’s time for you to shake the doldrums,
“Suit-Up” and wait for it…. BE LEGENDARY!

Jody Sedrick
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