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For the past two years I’ve solely used my MacBook at work. The way my desk is situated this causes me to look down as I’m writing, preparing presentations, surfing or using my MacBook.

Today I purchased a 24″ monitor. WOW what a change to look up!

What I found interesting though is that everyone once in awhile I would catch myself looking down at the MacBook screen instead of looking up – at my larger screen.

With my new larger screen I don’t even have to use my glassess. What a refreshing perspective!

This caused me to ask the question, “Am I stuck looking down?”

Do you find yourself stuck in a rut? Are you caught looking down?

Have you been looking down so long that you are missing a broader, brighter picture right in front of you?

In the words of Major Payne, Maybe it’s time for a little “attitudinal adjustment” by simply looking up and changing your perspective.