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First Ironman - A personal Triumph!

First Ironman – A personal Triumph!

“If you can’t excel with talent, triumph with effort. ~Dave Weinbaum, Businessman, writer and part-time stand-up comic

I was reminded of this this week when someone said “Yeah but he was born with talent, It’s easier for him” Maybe we can’t all be world class athletes. But what we can  do is give 100% whenever we set a goal, whatever that may be.
This passed weekend I participated in my first Iron Man. It was the most physically, mentally and emotionally challenging thing I’ve done. I didn’t accomplish my goal for each event. But I did accomplish my goal of entering, participating and conquering the Iron Man. And conquer I did.
I’m now looking for forward to 2015 where I WILL do better than this year.
Don’t settle for less – Strive, Do and Be YOUR best! 
In the striving you may discover you ARE World Class!
Have a great week!
Jody Sedrick
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