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This week I was asked to present my “3 Keys to Sales Success – Visibility, Relevance and Timing” at the BNI luncheon in Boise, Idaho. Leading up to the presentation each participant introduced them selves and gave their 60 second pitch about their company. One of the attendees, Martin of Carbonated Carpet Solutions opted to give a shout out to two other BNI members, Charley Kouba of Idaho Bank and Dr. Alan Barnes of Price Chiropractic. He shared how each of these professionals had helped him through a challenging week. Charley Kouba helped arrange new financing for a new service van when his old van unexpectedly died. Dr. Barnes offered literally “straighten things out and got him back on his feet” with his chiropractic services when he threw his back out the same week his van died.

The sharing of his story aligned very nicely with my presentation. When I got to the importance of relevance and timing in the sale process I asked Martin a few questions about his experience with Dr. Barnes.

Question 1: “Before your back went out were you a customer of Dr. Barnes?”

Answer: “Yes, but I hadn’t seen him in a while”

Question 2: “And why was that?”

Answer: “I got busy and it honestly it didn’t seem as important, “or relevant”, at the time.”

Question 3: “How relevant were his services last week when your back went out? Had the timing of being hurt changed the relevance and urgency for his services?”

Answer: “It was CRITICAL! Without him I couldn’t have worked.”

While I didn’t ask Martin about his specific experience with Idaho Bank the process was identical. He explained, “As soon as I realized I needed a new vehicle I knew exactly who to call for a new fleet loan.” There was not hesitation. Just a call to the banker who could help solve his problem when the timing was right.

In both cases each sales professional had invested time in staying visible – attending BNI, sitting down for one-on-ones, attended similar marketing events, etc. In every interaction, they continually worked to build relevance by highlighting their services and sharing stories how they had helped customers. Each interaction, each story, each visible moment built a trusting relationship that when the timing of a relevant situation rose its opportunistic head they were the first ones Martin called to solve a problem.

Remember each of the services used by Martin were always relevant to him. However, it wasn’t until the timing of a situation that the relevance of a product led to a call to action and a close of a sale.

How are you doing in your quest to stay visible and relevant so that when the timing is right for your potential customers that they turn to you?

Have a great week!
Jody Sedrick
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