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Business Development learned Over a PedicureLast night I had a little daddy daughter time with my daughter. She wanted to do my nails. Yes, my nails. I’ve never had a pedicure before. It was quite the experience.  She did an exceptional job – massage, lotion and nails.   What I found intriguing and most enjoyable was the conversation we enjoyed during the pedicure.

Of course being 13 and very girly girly we talked about fashion, boys and dating. Let’s just say my daughter is very obsessed with boys. She dreams of her first date, first kiss and how the boy should propose.  Her expectation of what a date should be like was very enlightening.

The conversation went like this…

Jessica: “When I go on a date I don’t want to go to the movies. Well a romantic movie would be fine as long as we had dinner before or after. Just going to see a movie would be so BORING! “
Me: “Why is that?”
Jessica: “In a movie you just sit there in the dark. You don’t talk. That’s not fun. I want to get to know him. I want him to get to know me. If we just go to the movie then home, he’s not the one for me. I’m done “
Me: “But he could hold your hand – wouldn’t that be romantic?”
Jessica: “Oh dad, that’ll happen but he’s got to know me first!” (said with a roll of the eyes)
Me:  “what if doesn’t know. Does he get a second chance?”
She thinks for a moment then responds “Maybe but he’ll have to get it right the next time. It’ll have to be perfect!”
I had to chuckle.
There’s a lesson in business development and sales in our conversation.
  1. In this future date there was an expectation of getting to know her.
  2. There was an investment of time and emotional interest.
  3. The date had to be interactive.
  4. She assumed the date would end in holding hands.
Prospective clients are similar
  1. They don’t want to be in the dark.  Simply showing up is not enough. The courting has to be engaging, it has to be interactive.
  2. They want to get to know you and they want to be known. They want to be understood.  Understanding is earned through communication.
  3. They are open to the close if the courting goes well.
  4. The close may not come in the first visit. You will have to earn the close.
  5. 2nd chances are possible but hard to earn.

Out of the mouth of babes – Court well and the opportunity may be yours.

Have a great week!
Jody Sedrick
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With every New Year we set goals, refocus our energies and plan to conquer the mountain. Now 3 weeks into the year do you find yourself slipping into old, comfortable habits?

Stay strong. Stay committed. Don’t lose momentum!

It’s the little things that earn success. What are you doing to hone your game?

  1. Learn something new. Read a book. Attend a seminar. Watch a TED talk
  2. Invite a mentor to coffee. You’ll be amazed the insight you’ll glean for the cost of a latte.
  3. Make 1 extra call a day. One a day keeps competitors away.
  4. Send a thank you note. Thanks endears
  5. Exercise – it will invigorate your mind and body.
  6. Set a BIG Goal. Climb a mountain, compete in an IronMan, go on a 50 miler, learn to surf, etc. Whatever make it big and push yourself!

2015 is your year if your willing to do the little things to earn it.

Are you the best that you can be? If not, get there!

Jody Sedrick
Follow me on Twitter: @jodysedrick and @zenewareinc
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