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50 Shades of filth

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Alright after much pondering and internal deliberation I’m going to digress from the usual sales and business development tips. Today I write as a father and husband.

What has happened to the moral foundation of our society? Have our values degraded and plummeted so far that we allow and celebrate the release of a movie like “50 Shades of Grey”? It’s hard to fathom that since 2011 the books have sold more than 100 million copies.   The movie debuting this Friday Feb 13th has already pre-sold the most advanced ticket sales for a Rated R movie on Fandango historically. Ironic that a holiday celebrating romance and love is being kicked off with a movie  romanticized view of dominance, bondage and sadism.

We have been inundated with promotions in print, trailers, TV and YouTube. Seems like any where I go I see and hear the hype about this movie.  I finally broke down and watched the trailer. It didn’t take long before I had seen enough and turned it off.  We live in a day where we can hardly escape the promotion of such filth and let’s call it for what it is…pornography. 

It was not so far distant when such films and books were distributed and viewed in the dark corners of adult film houses. If you wanted such materials you had to seek it out.  Now it is paraded as an enlightened view of human sexuality available to supposedly 17 and older audiences. However, how many pre-teens and even children wi view this movie? In my opinion the message of this movie and book are not appropriate for any age. 

Where is the uproar? Where is the cry from a moral standard that expects more from us as individuals and especially more from us in loving relationships. Have we fallen so far that this is now our entertainment, our awakened view of sexuality?

As a father of 4 sons and 2 daughters I am troubled by the messages bombarding my family. Yes I view this as a family problem that extends into a societal problem. 

I don’t want my sons or daughters to think dominance and abuse, especially in intimate relationships, is expected, tolerated and the norm of an “enlightened and awakened mind”.  Their is absolutely no place for dominance and abuse in any relationship. 

Gentlemen = Gentle Men

I expect my sons to be gentlemen. That literally means to be “gentle men”.  This doesn’t mean they are  demur wusses neutered of strength. Rather they are men of character, with a sense of duty, respect and love. They should be considerate. Men who serve those they love are strong.   I want them to learn to use that strength to care for, love and protect the women in their life. I want them to learn to delight in the chastity of women. And yes, I hope they delight in the chastity of themselves. I want them to know there is no double standard – if you expect virtue then you likewise must be virtuous. 

Women of true beauty

I want my daughters to have the moral strength and fortitude to expect to be treated more than just an object to be paraded on an arm as someone’s eye candy or an object to be consumed by selfishness and sexual fetish. I expect my daughters to discover and foster their inner beauty, intelligence and strength. I want them to know their individual worth is much more than the amount of skin they show, how provocatively they dress or how much they are willing to share of themselves. I hope they do not cheapen themselves and settle for that which is portrayed in books, music, videos and film today.  I want them to treat men with the same respect that they themselves expect.

Sexual Intimacy is Beautiful

I want my children to know that sexual intimacy is meant to be a beautiful, fulfilling and an enriching experience. An experience shared between two people who love, cherish and respect each other emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Is there surrender?, yes –  mutual surrender given from the depths of love – never surrender demanded from dominance, abuse or fear. True love, true lasting love is founded upon and nurtured with the seeds of virtue. 

We need a cry for virtue. Virtue is not an outdated prudish character flaw. Rather when we capture and foster virtue, we find true enlightenment and fulfillment in all aspects of our relationships – emotionally, physically, spiritually and even sexually.

Have a great week!
Jody Sedrick –
Father to 6, Husband to the queen of my life – walking hand in hand together!
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Once a deal is sold and paper inked is your work done?

if you said yes, you are missing significant opportunities for future sales.

Your work is just beginning.

Case in point, one of my sales team recently signed a deal for our product RoadFS™. We are in the final stages of the setup and training.  This morning I asked him how the final training went with the customer.  He responded, “I heard it went really well”.  I asked, “Wouldn’t it be better for you to personally touch base and see how the training went?”

Fortunately he took the hint and made the call. Two people were involved in the training. In his first call the response was more of “Thanks for checking in. We are good to go”. The second call led to a in depth discussion about previously unknown plans to grow the retail side of their business. He is now entrenched in  discussions to roll out RoadFS™ to the mobile side of their business.

That’s right he discovered a new sale from an existing customer. Why? Because he made the effort to stay engaged with the customer.  He followed up not to “touch base” rather he called with a specific purpose to follow-up on the installation and training of our software.

Would the customer have called to initiate the next purchase? Probably. However, due to his continued investment in building the relationship, after the sale, the door was opened earlier to a new sale.

Remember just because a customer is sold doesn’t mean you stop investing in solidifying and building the relationship with your customers. A customer’s experience continues after the sale. Prove that you are the trusted resource you sold yourself to be.  As you get embedded with your customer you may discover the opportunity is a lot bigger than you imagined.

Have a great week!
Jody Sedrick
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