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How do you respond to adversity?

Is your first reaction to recoil and curl up in the fetal position? Do you react in anger and frustration? Or, do you press forward with a determination to succeed.

Remember your mindset is everything!  You can choose to be defeated or you can choose to succeed. There is no in between. As my wife ways when things get tough, “Time to woman up and put my big girl pants on!”

If you are struggling here are a seven tips to help you regroup and get back on track.

  1. Take a breath – Go ahead take a deep long cleansing breath. Felt good didn’t it.;)
  2. Take a walk – Get up and take walk. Do it now – no excuses. Amazing what a few minutes of fresh air and activity will do for your brain and attitude.
  3. Take a time out – A good coach knows when to take a time out.  A strategic time out is a powerful tool to regroup, to refocus our energies and to get back on task. Your tendency will be to look backwards. Instead assess where you are then look forward to where you want to go. Start from where you are today and and build a plan to get to your goal.
  4. Take baby steps – A long term plan is good – you need that.  However, you will find greater success and feel better about your progress if you work your plan backwards into manageable, measurable and achievable baby steps. Every one loves to win – design your plan in a way that allows you to have mini-wins along the way.
  5. Recognize “The Dip” – To many of us get discouraged and give up to soon. Recognize  you may be on track you may have just encountered a dip. (see Seth Godin’s Book – The Dip). Think of climbing a mountain.  Your climb is not always straight up. There are dips and valleys that prepare yourself for the next climb. Discipline yourself to work through the dip and stay on course. You are most likely one valley away from an awesome view.
  6. Don’t Complain – ok complain for a little bit, vent, get it off your chest. Now look for a solution. Griping will never solve a problem or create an opportunity.  Like my wife says to my daughters, “Now that you’ve got that off your chest, put on your big girl pants and woman up! You’ve got this! Now go solve the problem and get it done!”  Yes I had to quote my wife twice because it is sage advise for everyone.Quit complaining and ….
  7. Get to work – Don’t languish, don’t over analyze. Get busy! Get to work! The sooner you get to work the sooner your are back on track and the closer you will be to achieving your goal!

Every dip, every obstacle creates an opportunity for growth. You can chose to shy away or you can face the challenge and become better than you are today.   Your destiny is unwritten. Take control and write a story that will be amazing!

“You’ve got this! Now go solve the problem and get it done!”

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