FOCUS – Follow One Choice Until Successful

Posted: June 15, 2017 in Attitude, Building Dreams, Success

Focus to win!

Whether in business, fitness or your personal life if you want to succeed you have to FOCUS.

We live in a world that moves so fast that we tend to get distracted.  We are bombarded with opportunities.   Quick results are the siren call to distraction enticing you to abandon your original dream and pursue a “better” opportunity – ultimately leading to another failure.

Staying FOCUSED is a skill.  One that my son has spent many practices in basketball. For a while he struggled with the distraction of opponents “getting in his face” or the sound of the running up behind him. He worked and to develop the discipline to stay 100% focused on the basket no matter what. I’d tell him, “Yes, you may take a foul but a foul will give you the opportunity to turn 2 points into 3. Stay FOCUSED and you’ll hit more of your open shots and earn extra points when fouled.”  The results, this past season a 30% increase in shots made in a game.

FOCUS – Follow One Choice Until Successful. Make it your purpose.  With everything you have work to bring that goal to fruition.  Keep pushing! Don’t give up! Don’t get distracted. Drive yourself to make it happen. If it’s right and you put in the effort your goal will become a reality!

Have a GREAT Week!
Jody Sedrick
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