Negativity Versus Positivity

Posted: August 29, 2017 in Attitude, Building Dreams, Determination, Mindset
Let’s put it out there. Sometimes life can throw some punches. Some punches we deflect, others catch us off guard and we retreat and other we counter. Our mindset determines if we shrink or adjust and move forward.
I noticed something lately that negativity is loud and defensive where positivity is excited and confident.  Let me say that again Negativity is Loud. Positivity is excited.  You ever notice when you slip into negativity you tend to raise your voice and at the core, you are responding out of concern, fear, worry, and doubt. Where when we are positive our voice may be elevated but there is a calmness and confidence, that you are on the right path.
One of the real opportunities of life is to develop a positive confident nature, to learn how to always look at the bright side. That seems so cliche. But it really is important.  Have you noticed that the people you are drawn to are the ones that have a positive outlook on seemingly everything? How do we become that kind of person? How do we become filled with faith that we are always walking in the light?
I suspect as we discover and nurture this ability we will discover a richness of life we have never known. Love to hear your thoughts
Have a GREAT Tuesday!

Jody Sedrick
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