About Jody Sedrick

Jody Sedrick, Co-founder and CEO of Zenware, Inc., is a dynamic business leader with over 17 years experience in the high tech and software industries specializing in business development, sales management, and marketing. Prior to founding Zenware, Inc., he played a major role in the evolution, growth, sales  and brand development of MobileDataforce, Inc. from a startup to a multi-million dollar company. During his tenure he orchestrated contracts with CSL Behring, SCMS, Lynn Edwards, Aecom and Unilever.

Jody is recognized throughout the mobile industry for his strong leadership, customer centric focus, and his ability to create long term strategies to ensure the future success of his customers and partners. In this spirit, Jody was a key leading partner in creating a mobile and web based system with SCMS to more effectively distribute AIDS medication to AIDS patients throughout Africa.

Jody is a Boise State University graduate with a Bachelor’s in Spanish and an emphasis in International Marketing.  He is bi-lingual, Spanish and English, and is currently studying the Haitian Kreyol language.  Jody also actively serves on the Board of Directors for Foyer de Sion, a non-profit organization that helps orphaned children of Haiti.

  1. Shaun FLaherty says:

    Jody – Great blog! I stumbled across it today and wanted to say thanks for sharing your thoughts and tips on sales. And you are right, a little thanks does go a long way! So…I thank you in advance for reading this comment.

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