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USAV Junior NationalsWe are enjoying day two of the USAV Nationals (Jr. Olympics). This morning the girls really struggled the first game. They were sluggish, slow to respond, and you could see in her face they just were not ready to play.

Game two was a completely different story! Their coach pulled them into a huddle. I’m not sure what she said, but you could see the fire in her face – motivating, inspiring, pushing the girls out of their current mindset.  They came on the court a different group. Things really got rolling when they won three serves in a row. Faces lit up, the pace quickened and they caught on fire.

It’s amazing what happens once you change your mind set. Cultivating little bit of HOPE and BELIEF that you can do it IGNITES a fire in your heart and your ATTITUDE changes. EARNING little wins BUILDS MOMENTUM. Once you have MOMENTUM it’s hard to stop success. Change your mindset and success will steamroll, building on itself, creating momentum that is difficult to stop until WINNING is an EXPECTATION not random luck.

No matter what it is, business, personal endeavors change your mindset and WIN!

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