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Pressure refinesThis weekend I thought a lot about pressure as our team has been under the gun to deliver on a couple of big projects. Some days it seems like the pressure is overwhelming.
It’s interesting though as I reflect,  our team has made our greatest strides when the pressure is on.  No we don’t want to be under pressure all the time but pressure can drive us to innovate, it can drive us to discover new ways to do things, it provides an environment for us to push ourselves.  In the end, the key is embracing the pressure and learning from each experience so that we become better individuals and ultimately a better team.
Reflecting on the growth that has stemmed from pressure, I’ve noticed that each of our team members have become better communicators both internally and with customers. Pressure has forced us to collaborate more often enabling us to share ideas that have lead to a better solution. It’s a continual process. Some days we are better at embracing the pressure than others. Will the pressure ever go away? No, we would stagnate if it did. Our natural tendency it to complain and revolt against pressure. However, I find that when we embrace the pressure we grow in unexpected ways that never would’ve happened if we were simply left to ourselves.
Dr. Eric Thomas, The Hip Hop Preacher has a great nugget on pressure
Pressure Make Perfect
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